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National Cancer Survivor's Day


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Did y'all know that today is National Cancer Survivor's Day??? I didn't. There was a small article in the Houston paper today written by a local columnist who is also a colon cancer survivor.

This includes all of us who are fighting the battle every day, whether we are stable, active disease or NED, we are SURVIVORS!!!!

Let's celebrate our survivorship together!!!!


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Yes, I did know that. Lucie and I normally attend a luncheon each year put on by CanCare here in Houston, which is a cancer support group. This year, with her leg pain and tendency to tire, we just decided to skip this year. The head of CanCare did light a candle at the luncheon in Lucie's honor, which was special. Don

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I know it's for the NEEDY, NOT the GREEDY, but I think all cancer survivors should have a WEEK to Celebrate! :wink: But, I'll settle for a GREAT DAY to BE ALIVE!!!

Gotta share this with all of you. I hope it's okay to share it here.

Today I was reading both of our Major Newspapers and I was reading the Obituaries. Well, sadly enough in two papers, I came across SOOO MANY people that died from cancer. It was unreal! I sure wish SOMEONE would find a cure for ALL OF US Cancer Survivors!!

Love and God Bless Us ALL,


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