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Cindy RN

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Thanks Cindy, Thanks Ann;

There's no new news to tell. Brother still refusing treatments and the prognosis is dire. I realize I am just a passenger on this train of life and what is thrown at me, and the only thing I can control is me. But I wish I could just make this better...but what I learned the hard way with my dad is that I can't "fix" it no matter how hard I try, I can simply bear witness to what will or will not happen and be there and offer as much support as he will take.

My family is still reeling from the news of my brother's illness, but I am trying my best to deal with things and the uncertainty of everything all over again. Thought this was over for a while for me since my dad died, but I guess we are on this ride, yet again.

I promise to let you know when things change, but until then, just trying my best to take care of what needs to be taken care of and keeping my head above water.

On one good note, the 6th will be Rick and my 14th wedding anniversary AND the 1 yr. anniversary of our adoption finalization day in court of Kennedy. You both were "here" last year when we adopted her! This will be a day to celebrate.

I love both your hearts.


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Katie, Rick, and Family-

The going is rough right now. Isn't life a mixed bag of wonderful blessings and challenges!!!! Wishing you all more of the former and congratulating you on your anniversaries. You know I love and care for you all.

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Dear Katie

I am surprised about your brother. While I recall my memory, I remembered you once told us your brother felt sick and you didn't tell us the detail via here.

I am sorry that no one can fix this disease at this moment but we are expecting someday this can be cured and miracles do happen although I don't have the key to miracle.

Sometimes at somepoint, really confused why we are here. World seems never stop for any reason to moving on.

Happy anniversaries ! Enjoy every moments we have.

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