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South Dakota rocks!


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Hi everyone! Returned this afternoon from our vacation in South Dakota. Mark and I had a GREAT time in our little cabin, the weather was good, and we saw SUCH BEAUTY!!! I had no idea South Dakota (the Black Hills, specifically) was such a paradise! Soooooooo GOOD for both of us!

As we rode home, we made a promise that we'd go back to that little cabin again - we shook on it! So, guess cancer will just have to bide its time with me..I've got better things to do! :wink:

Glad to be back, but my head's full of memories of amazing granite formations, purple and yellow wild flowers in the tall grass along the roads, rainbow laser lights playing across the surface of the unfinished Sitting Bull monument at night, s'mores around the campfire, a big ol' male buffalo walking less than a foot from the car with a snort that said, "You eye-balling me?" and the pure silly satisfaction that came from actually cashing out of a slot machine and walking away with a total loss of only $12 (Deadwood.)

If you can get somewhere beautiful - whether it's around the corner or across the country - GO! Every time I take time to enjoy the wonder of nature, I feel so much better!

First thing I did after unpacking was get here and catch up on everyone!


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Soooooo glad you had a wonderful trip. South Dakota must be really beautiful with a description like that coming from someone that lives in my idea of paradise....Colorado!!!! On my visits to Colorado, I felt just about as close to heaven as one could be and still have both feet on the ground. After your description of SD, I need to make some travel plans!!! It's good to have you back with us!!!

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Thanks! I don't live in the part of Colorado you (and I) think of as paradise. I'm out in the upper northeast corner near the border of Nebraska. (Check us out on the Weather Channel map). It's flat cattle-grazing land and you sure know it when the wind blows in the right direction! :wink:

But, I've only been here 4 years - the rest of life was spent in California. So I guess I've seen all types of terrain considered beautiful. The Black Hills of South Dakota are still right up there near the top of my list, though!


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I had a wonderful time in South Dakota, I was surprised at how much there is to do and see.

It's been several years since I've been there but I'd love to go back. I have a beautiful Black Hills Gold necklace I got while I was there.

My daughter in law in from South Dakota.


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