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MelanieLR says, "Hi"

cindi o'h

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Got a note from MelanieLR... just wanted to add that every word was spelled correctly, punctuated perfectly, capitalized and italisized very appropriatley. So, if you see any errors in my print it is me doing them, not Melanie, okay?

Hi Cindi,

Just wanted to let you know I didn't forget about you. Sorry I haven't written in so long. I'm having MAJOR computer problems. I can't get on explorer at all so I can't post anything on site. Please give them an update if you can.

The benefit went fairly well though it about knocked me out. I'm just now recovering from it. We took in a little over $5,000.00. A second and much bigger one is in the planning for Sept. 18th or Oct. 2. We are waiting for confirmation from the major band for which date they want to do.

My sister runs marathons and is getting one organized for next season's schedule and another friend is getting a motorcycle "poker Run" together. The second benefit is going to be a hog roast at a local winery. With all that , will be sure to have the first year's scholarship ready to hand out plus a few other things. We want to give a $2,000.00 scholarship every year to a kid who has lost a parent to L.C. WE have lots of other plans but they are not all set in concrete yet.

As for me, I am difinitely on the decline. I'm losing my motor skills on my right side. I now type with only my left hand. I'll tell you one thing, that is alot harder than it I thought it would be. Learning how to use the mouse left-handed. It's hard to remember to left click with the ring finger and right click with the index finger. My sewing has almost stopped. I can't cut fabric at alll but somtimes my cousin or my nurses aide will cut something to work on. I can only do that on a good day. It's really hard to get the pins in. My short term memory is really getting bad and there are times when I can't even think of the words for things.

I also have times when I can't even walk with the walker. I have to thank God that my pain is in good control. There are times when I sleep through when I should have taken a dose and then it takes awhile to get it back under control but if I take my meds like I'm supposed to, there is not too much pain.

I'd better run. I need to get ready to see my Grandmother. She probably only has a couple of days left. I just thank God it has been quick and peaceful for her and she didn't have to watch me die. I think that would have done her in.

Take care and say, "hi!" to everyone.

Hugs and prayers,


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Thank you for updating Cindi,

I am so sorry Melainie is going through all of this. It breaks my heart.

She started this Melanie Ross Foundation in her name to help fight LC. She is so brave to do these benefits with all she is going through.

My prayers are sent to her. So sad to hear about her decline and the news about her grandmother. She lost both parents to LC...

This is a sad day for me to hear all this.


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Thanks Cindi for the update.

This is the hard part, having our friends decline due to this horrible disease. If you read these to her tell her God is Great and He is right there for her. Tell her she will be one day sewing with golden threads in the bright Glow of the Lord. My prayers include her.

Love Cindy

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