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I participated in a Lung Cancer walk today


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Hi All,

Today the Gail P. Ramos Lung Cancer Foundation put on it's 2nd Annual 5k/10k run/walk to raise money for lung cancer research. I met our (LCSC) own Natalie at this event last year and met up with her again this year. She has been doing an amazing job helping out this foundation with raising funds etc. So hurrah for Natalie!! We cried, hugged, and laughed. The weather was great as was the scenic route. I walked/donated in memory of those we have lost and those who are still fighting this beast.

On a funny note (although not at the time)....

The walkers started after the runners so we wouldn't be trampled. I walked with a very nice group of people. They turned around at the half way point for the 5k walk so I said goodbye and continued on. After a while I noticed many runners going past me heading back to start line. Then I literally didn't see anyone. No runners, no walkers. I thought this was a bit odd. So when I reached the 5k mark and turned around I still didn't see anyone; the water distributors were supposed to be there but it was just me. So I kept trucking along and at one point got a little off the beaten path (okay I was lost...at least a mile out of the way). So I got back on track and headed back. There are only a few people hanging around having refreshments at the finish line. Most everyone had already gone home. Apparently the 10k was really just for runners, so I was the lone walker :oops: Hmmm...I was slightly embarassed. They thought everyone was back a while ago because apparently someone said that "they" were the last person. So next time I will READ the pamplet a little more closely.


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Thanks Kathi, Natalie, and all the walkers!

So you walked farther than anyone else! Good job! Burned more calories and got stronger too!

Pops was probably pretty proud of you...were you having a one-on-one with him when you thought you were by yourself? I say, probably. :wink:

Cindi o'h

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Yes Cindi,

When I was walking alone I did talk to Pop's a lot. It was very emotional for me and it is probably very good that I was alone so people couldn't see me cry. Funny thing though, is that I used to be pretty harden to crying. I didn't cry for anything. Since Pop's illness, I have been very emotional. So I think that it is good for me to be able to "let it out". I have become very humbled and become a lot more compassionate by the whole cancer experience.


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Hey! Thanks guys! My husband and I were actually the refreshment people so we bailed on Kathi! I'm so sorry Kathi! :oops: Kathi, I'm glad though that you had alone time with your Dad. The place we had the run was so naturistic that I'm hoping that helped make you feel closer to him. I had a coworker of mine tap my shoulder and told me to look over the fence in this area. I looked over and I swear there were about 25 dragonflies in a swarm in this one area looking over at the event. It was so strange...it was as if all of our loved ones were there. It was so great!

We are a work in progress...I put it in my notes for next year to have a system of figuring out when the last person is done. I think we are also going to do it at the State Capitol next year. We are going to start planning next month after we are done with our golf tournament.

The power of this website is amazing. I would have never found out about this wonderful group of people in Sacramento that organize the "Step For Survival" if it wasn't for Kathi and meeting her on this website last year. It also makes me feel comforted to be around people that know the devestating effects of this disease.

Someone came from Los Angeles and I'm not sure if she was from this website as I didn't get the chance to meet her. She had fundraised a lot of money and had so much enthusiasm and motivation! She wants to start a "Step for Survival" in the Los Angeles area. Hopefully we can work with her to get that implemented. I'm just disappointed that I didn't get to officially meet her as I was manning the water station.

I also got a few seconds on tv the other night on local television and they filmed our event on the Sunday local news. It was great! Channel 10 did a lot of lung cancer coverage and I'm so thankful for their assistance in raising awareness to this disease.

If I get pictures, I'll email them to you Katie.

Thanks for your support and positive encouragement you guys!

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