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I was in the basement today and passed by an open tote with some of my old college textbooks (that have been there too long). I felt like reminiscing, so I peeked in the box and this book called Mama Drama was there. I didn't think much of it at first, but then I got curious.

I picked it up, and judging from the inscription on the inside it looks like Mom must have sent it to me my Freshman Year of college.

And in it she wrote,

Val, An instruction book--Not that you need it. After all, I'm so easy to get along with!!! I love you very much. Mom

The thing makes me happy and sad. I lugged it upstairs. I loved seeing the words, "I love you very much. Mom" in her handwriting, but I wish she was here to be easy to get along with.

I lost my Mom JUST as I was starting to interact with her as adult to adult. JUST when I was out of the stage of, "What does Mom know?" and in the stage of, "I better ask Mom."

I don't know... It's like this symbol of what I wish I had now, and what I did have, and what I took for granted, and what I loved about my Mom. It might just become a talisman of sorts.

Anyway. I just thought I'd share.

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Dearest Val,

A mothers love...that is PRICELESS!!


I hope you are feeling better. I love that Caroline is crawling. I bet that keeps ya going. In all different directions, I am sure. :roll:

I hope you are taking videos of those special moments of Caroline so you can share them with your husband, when he comes home. And of course for Caroline when she is grown up. But lets not think about yet. Next is walking and running and getting booboos :shock:

Take care sweetie,

Maryanne :wink:

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what a sweet thing to find. you know, my mom and I have a tumultuous history but we've been so close since her LC returned. I don't know how it feels to lose her, but I know that fear of losing her just as I am finding her.

see, I think for some people it's all part of being mother/daughter. the can't live with her/can't live without her thing. otherwise, we'd never leave home, right?

sweetie, it must be painful to find things like that but the sweetness sounds SO sweet. kisses to you and carolyn.



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