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  1. Katie, this is such sad news. I haven't logged on in quite a while and spotted the 'CindyRN' right away. When Jim was sick, I was too shy to post but came here often to see how others were doing and to learn as much info as I could. I dug up the courage to private message Cindy because she and Jim shared the same diagnosis and she was doing so great and was such a true inspiration! I send you, her family and friends my heartfelt condolences and I know we all will cherish warm memories of her forever. Lynne
  2. Hey Pat, good to 'see' you. I don't log onto facebook much either, but I love when I see a post out there from 'my pat'. Especially when I hear a spark in your voice and I know you have had a good day. I hope January is riding along smoother after the huge speed bump that started the month. you are in my thoughts, Lynne
  3. LynneH

    It's Official!!!!!!

    Kasey, I haven't peeked onto the site in over 2 months, and this is the post that caught my eye! I am thrilled with your post, inspired by your determination, and overwhelmed by your immense compassion for everyone else..........you are truly the BEST....Congratulations on 5 years very well lived....... Big Hug Lynne
  4. LynneH

    I miss...

    Jim.....his wonderful sense of humor......his acceptance of me, even when I didn't make the best decisions in life....
  5. LynneH

    A Personal Update

    Congratulations Beth! I rarely post these days but I do sign on to see how everyone is doing. I was so surprised and delighted to see this update from you! Enjoy every precious moment with your new husband and continue to spoil the boys....... Lynne
  6. New Year's Eve, 2004, Jim started having excruciating pain in his left lower abdomen. Went to the ER. Suspected bad turkey sandwich, kidney stone, etc. Before the night was over, scans detected tumors in the lung and adrenal. Upstairs to the Cancer Floor and things were never the same again. In retrospect, other symptoms were present but thought to be related to other issues: weight loss, shoulder pain that my massages didn't seem to touch, fatigue..... Lynne
  7. LynneH

    Scary news

    I'm sorry you are having to deal with this! But I'm glad you had a doctor that was on top of it. My sister had a malignant melanoma on her leg (she was in her 30's) and they caught it really early. Did the surgery and made sure they took all the margins, just to be safe. She gets checked regularly and is doing great. Let us know what the plan is when you get more information..... Lynne
  8. This is really superficial. I always wear boring black or jeans to work, but broke the mold and wore a colorful print sweater today and received many compliments. Now, it could be they were so shocked to see my sweater before they saw me coming 'round the corner, but I choose to believe they loved me in the sweater! Sometimes you hold on to what you can out of any given day! lynne
  9. Nah.....the ol' Toyota Highlander is still purring along with 82,000 miles... I predict the next person LOVES the color Red....
  10. Jackie, As Kelly says, 'thanks' for reminding us to remember the good things in life.... lynne
  11. ***delete***delete***Jim's death***delete***delete***
  12. My Pat, It's now 9 days later and I just read your post. Perhaps today is a smidgeon less lonely, or maybe you were able to watch the critters outside as Brian loved to do...... Two lucky men, one lucky lady...... L, Lynne
  13. Eat, Pray, Love. The first book I've been able to read in a long time. My attention span and focus are a little on the crazy side! Interesting book, interesting author, interesting findings on her spiritual journey..... Thanks Ann, Lynne
  14. LynneH

    Dad's day

    Katie, I know he was an AMAZING Man because he raised a truly remarkable, AMAZING, young lady named Katie. Happy Birthday Katie's Dad....
  15. Hi jmills, Wonderful that you get to spend the month with your Mom! My husband struggled with a bad cough quite a bit, but I think it was after his chest radiation. From my reading here, seems like that symptom varies from person to person. My husband was a long-time smoker. Initially, he cut back and considered quitting, but I really think that added more stress at a time when he needed less stress. So, he continued to smoke throughout his treatments, which for him, was probably the best choice. Again, people have different thoughts in this area, but supporting and loving her is the best medicine you can give her. Take care of yourself, Lynne
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