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I wanted to thank everyone who responded to my posting about feeling alone. I read it every once in awhile and it always makes me feel better. on a side note, I go down to the Mayo clinic in Rochester MN, for my 3 & 1/2 year check up, on August 12th. I will let everyone know what happens. thanks once again for being who you are!! Jodi

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Three and a half years!! :D:D When they had told you 31/2 yrs ago to get your affairs in order your Dad was right. I remember how you told us" my Dad said why don't we go to Mayo like we did for your brother". You have been through a lot but the wonderful results that you are with us and proved that doctor wrong . Did you have your 29th birthday yet? ( Sorry I forget) When you get your results I hope we can have a party at group and celebrate . I love to celebrate :D:D Donna

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