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everyone loves a new beginning


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as many of you know, I am a religious mutt. I was raised jewish in a mixed family, and now incoroporate alot of eastern sensibility into my spiritual practice, along with the best of judaism and christianity and catholicism, which has come into my life through close friends and my partner.

I believe in one god. and I believe religions, at their best, give us opportunites to know and celebrate god. so, since everyone loves a new beginning, I wanted to wish everyone, jewish or otherwise, a very happy new year.

Leshanah tovah tikateiv veteichateim, or "May you be inscribed and sealed for a good year." my wish for us all is a year filled with healing, peace, renewal and love.

thank you for what you've brought to my life.



PS. the year is 5766 :)

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Bunny, thank you and a Happy New Year to you too.

I love your title "religious mutt" and think I will borrow it for myself. My Dad is a very conservative Church of Christ, my mother was/is(?) a Mormon, and we kids were raised nothing. My mother married a Jewish man and I remember some of the holidays because she would cook dishes that I had never heard of. And, Jim's oncologist, my very favorite doctor person, is a Muslim.

Most of my friends are either very traditionally religious or very spiritually inclined in an "alternative" way. So I kind of follow the Golden Rule and try to treat people nicely and I must think that there is something way better beyond this, which you could label God.

Wow, you were just sending out a nice greeting and I could have sent this one to Ann for a daily question!

Have a nice one Bunny (remember how I love your name!),


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nicely put and well done, bunnygirl.

Aime, you are a blessing to this board and to all of us here. I am so glad that you continue to inspire us with your youthful wisdom. It is not that common for someone so young to have grasped the purpose and meaning of life. I can tell that you have some experiences under your belt!

All choices. Everyday. Thank you for the reminder. Don't speak a syllable of Hebrew. Though I have learned that missing a few swallows helps to form the "ch" as in Chiam. I love that one!

Happiness and fogiveness to all.

Cindi o'h

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Maybe that is why I love you so, Bunny~Girl,

I have always called myself a religious Ragamuffin and a Spiritual Gypsy.

I love what you wrote and what the others have written in response.

Happy New Year, indeed, and Happy New Beginning.

Abba (Our Father) loves each of us EXACTLY AS WE ARE AND NOT AS WE SHOULD BE.

What a wonderful reason to celebrate the year 5766 and the years to follow.

Thank you.


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