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not cancer related.....but insurance companies


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I am really curious. If you have lost your spouse, did you find that your car insurance premiums went up? I finally got my insurance agent to take Randy's name off the policy,(it has only taken 4 requests to get this done, mind you Randy has been gone for two years)and in doing so, they raised my insurance almost 100.00 a month and took away all the discounts I had before. I have been with this company almost 20 years. Never had an accident, had one ticket over 10 years ago and because I am now a widow, I have to pay this much more a month.

Has anyone else experienced this?

It just seems to be another slap in the face and it doesn't seem fair.

Just wondering.

Thanks for your response. I may have to find new insurance after all is said and done. I know I can get it cheaper with someone else.



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Shirley, isn't this the craziest thing you have ever heard of? I didn't have a problem because I had my car insured in my name all along and Dennis had his truck listed as one of the company vehicles, so our company paid those premiums. If I were you, I would have to fire off a very nasty, yet informative, letter to the board of directors for that company. They should take into consideration that your income has drastically decreased since losing Randy and take that into consideration, also. I would get a copy of your driving record from your state and send that along with the letter. This is absolutely unfair. If you had passed before Randy, would his rates have increased? I think you should definitely ask that question. Then, I would casually throw around the word "sexual discrimination" a few times in the letter...just to get them on their toes! We have to really fight things like this!!! We have some really sharp attorneys on this board. Maybe one of them could help you with a letter!!! If not, my son is an attorney and I could ask him for help!

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My mom had the same thing happen to her. Her rates went up when she informed the insurance company my dad passed away, and when she asked why they said because she was now a widow. My mom was furious and was stating the same question Ann mentioned....does this apply to men when their wife passes away.

I agree with you...this is just not fair. Good luck.


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Well, I got my insurance taken care of finally. The agent called today and said it was a computer glitch and she fixed it on the spot. I am so glad my agent is now a female....just found out when I got the letter today. She was very understanding and took care of everything. Guess I won't have to look else wheres for insurance at this time.

But I have heard the horror stories from others that when their spouse dies, the insurance goes up. Both for men and women. It is a shame but you are now considered single and that in itself causes your rates to go up. It doesn't matter how you became single again, you are.

Well that is one more issue taken care of finally.

Thanks for everything.

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