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Missing Dad


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Two years ago today I lost my Dad to Lung Cancer. It is hard to put into words how my heart aches.

Life is so different without him. So much has happened that he has missed that I know he would have wanted to be a part of.

He was my confident and I miss picking up the phone to call to get advice or to just get support on my decisions.

My life is a new and different life since losing Dad-not that it isn't good but, it would be so much better with my Dad still here.

I love you Dad and miss you more than you or I could ever imagine. You are in my thoughts today and always!


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I just lost my dad a week and a half ago to lung cancer and my grief is pretty new and fresh, but I can certainly feel your pain. My dad was also my confidante - I always asked for his advice whether it was about my kids or about car repairs. It used to drive my husband crazy that he would tell me something and I would run it by my dad just to make sure my husband knew what he was talking about. My son will graduate from high school next year and my dad won't be there to see it. He was there from the moment my son was born and now he won't be part of one of the most important events in his life. Everyone tells me that with time things get better but it is hard to see that right now. I just miss my dad so much - I can't imagine a time when I will not feel such a deep ache at the loss of him. I am sorry for your pain, and please know that I understand how you feel.

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