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Yes, I believe you are definatly more vurnerable to LC if you smoke. I dont think it means all smokers are doomed to have LC and I know that LC hits people that have never smoked and others that have quit many many years ago. I dont think there is a concrete answer but as I said ( read my first sentence)

God Bless you all,


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I feel if you have a weak lung gene in your DNA you are subceptable to getting LC if you smoke or not. But if you have that gene and you smoke then you are most likely doomed to get it. So many people have LC also have family members who had it.

My husband found out his biological father died of LC and had stopped smoking for 30 years. I have found out from this site alone, so many who have LC has a history of it in their family. Not always the case but many have.

Our own beloved MelanieLR who just passed this week had lost both parents to LC. Cindi, lost brothers, I could go on and on.

That is my opinion as there are so many of smoke like chimmeys and die at a very old age with-out ever getting that disease.

That is why we need awareness and research.


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I think that there is a main cause for all cancer. I also believe it takes something to trigger that cancer and make it set in and become the terrible disease that we know it is. I do belive that smoking is one of the triggers at least for lung cancer but probably our so called modern life styles play a major role in triggering all kinds of cancer.

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