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Do you feel that we are being ignored?


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I can not believe the things I am seeing. I had to speak up about it yesterday and have been thinking of writing a letter to our local newspaper but I wonder if it would do any good.

Everyone knows that OCTOBER was breast cancer awareness month :!: I stopped at the super market yesterday and I just got so frustrated and angry. There on the counter was still the breast cancer awareness sign and a cup for people to put their spare change as donations. I asked the girl who waited on me if no one knew that November is Lung Cancer Awareness month. She then iformed me that she wondered about that too because she had lost her mom to LC.

You see no banners across the street. There are no places asking for your change for lung cancer research. No one pays attention. The only stories you see about it on the news are the quit smoking stories and adds. We all know that smoking is bad for us but it is time to move past that. Everytime someone does a story with the main focus on the link between smoking and lung cancer they are doing a disservice to those who are fighting the deasese because they are nurturing the idea that Lung Cancer is a smokers disease. The stigma will never go away as long as that continues :!:

Not only are they harming those who are already fighting but the thousands of non smokere who will not be diagnosed until the later stages because they live in a world of false security thinkiing that they can't get it. How many are not even tested because those in the medical field who should know better have that same attiude that says if you don't smoke you can't have lung cancer?

We all know this is a false way to look at it but we are being ignored because of that. What do we have to do to get attention? I thought when so many celebrities died of LC that there would finally be a real look at lung cancer. That they would see people with Lung Cancer as people not just a disease that no one wants to know about. It just makes me so angry that this can continue.

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Actually, I feel this year is kind of a coming out year. There seems to be more walks and LC awareness booths set up in malls, hospitals, medical centers etc.

We even have some people here who a have articles printed in their newspapers about LC. Leslie, Val Debi and Kel. And I may have missed some others.

Also, ABC Nightly News report on LC lasting all month. I feel this is bring out more of an awareness than previous years.

I heard at our walk in NJ, the Penna is going to give more funding for LC with walks there also.

Perhaps this is premature but Iam starting to feel somewhat optimistic about the future of LC awareness.

If we can only get a big business of back it, we will be on our way.


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I have been getting angry too. A very prominent UK media producer called Harry Thompson died this week of LC. The media reported his death and commented how particularly cruel this was at the age of 45 as he had never smoked. I emailed the BBC and Newspapers pointing our that this was LC awareness month and that smoking and lc was not a straight forward issue Have had no replies. The one UK charity, The Roy Castle Foundation, seems to concentrate on smoking.


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I know the feeling, i wrote my feeling's on this very subject a couple of week's ago. did you read where i wrote about it being part of a debate on Tucker Carlson's talk Tv. show on MSNBC. So like it has been said it is starting to get attention but ever so slowly......

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Well, I've been a LC Survivor for 10+ years and I have to say, I don't see much change in bringing awareness about LC to the public. Kind of sad!

It takes time and hard work!!

Lily, maybe you could take some of your heartache over Johnny and put it into making a difference in LC Awareness. It always helps to turn a loss or negative into a positive. Email your senators, and TV stations, and anyone else who will listen, hospitals, doctor's offices, cancer clinic's, Newspapers, It all helps!! Get the word out! We need to be heard!!

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Well, at the risk of being the oddball here, my experience seems to be that the tide is slowly starting to change -- last year, when we had our first LC walk in NJ, it was like pulling teeth to get press -- I ended up having two local newspapers run a story about the walk, and share my non-smoking story.

THIS year....in light of Peter Jennings and Dana Reeve elevating awareness, a major TV network in Philadelphia was specifically seeking out a non-smoker to do a story on -- which led them to interview me (Channel 3, at 11:00 tomorrow night); ABC was specifically looking for non-smokers to speak with; I did a radio interview for a Philadelphia News Radio station (KYW 1060) and I just did an interview with a local paper (Gloucester County Times) and the focus of the story was how non-smokers w/ lung cancer are on the rise; and tomorrow morning I am meeting up with my doctor and speaking with a journalist from "NJN", which is a public service TV station in NJ -- her focus is on non-smokers as well.

I ALMOST turned down that last interview. I'm starting to feel weird constantly sharing my story. I KNOW I am not the only person in NJ with lung cancer...but I am starting to think I may be the only one making some noise...

Until our whisper becomes a ROAR...we will continue to be brushed under the carpet.

ps -- My hospital had a huge sign hanging up at their front office saying "October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month". On my way to Church this morning, I saw that there is no LCAM sign....and they were the biggest sponsors of our LC Walk! They will be getting a phone call in the morning. R-O-A-R! :wink:

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...and here's the other thing I learned this weekend: When Mom and I went to Debi's very cool event in Ardmore, Mom walked away feeling empowered instead of embittered (as she had previously). I'm nowhere near being the activist I should be, but maybe we need to realize that it could be up to US to get the word out. The SGK foundation wasn't that big 15 years ago, and now life is all about the pink.

Just wearing the "BreateDEEP" wristband has sparked several conversations with folks...the cashier at the shoe store and I had a big chat yesterday.

Folks who are hosting tables at awareness events and craft fairs, and doings walks, and write-ups in the paper...they are getting the message out. I need to step up and be one of them myself.

:) Kelly

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:oops::oops: Oh your Right Heather, there really has been some major changes in LC AWARENESS. I'm sorry I said that, and sounded so DOOM AND GLOOM! :roll: I must of been having one of those Chemo Brain Moments. :wink:

Things HAVE CHANGED and I too AM seeing more and more about LC. HOWEVER, I only wish it was more and as popular as Breast Cancer. Guess I'm jealous! :oops: But, it's a start and I'm happy we are starting to be heard here.

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