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My Mom Update


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Wellllll, we had a pretty decent day yesterday. My mom has had only two cycles of Gemzar/Carboplatin -- and the CT scan of the lung they did showed little to no new growth (like a millimeter...where in the past we were seeing cm growth each month.) No shrinkage, yet the onc reminded us we haven't gone the full cycles yet. I am very thankful that no new lung spots were seen or substantial growth.

Additionally, she is going to get a port put into her chest (like so many of you....she has TERRIBLE veins and this causes more anxiety than almost anything else.)

Thank you for all your prayers. It means so much to us!

Happy Thanksgiving.


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Something to remember is that when they do those scans the results can be plus or minus a couple of millimeters, depending upon where the slice was taken and at what resolution. If the scanner is not programmed with the same resolution (say 3mm or 5mm) each time one is done, or the person is not placed in exactly the same spot on the table then it can impact the appearance of the nodules. So if they are saying that the nodule appears to have enlarged by only a single millimeter it is entirely possible that the nodule hasn't grown at all and is just appearing larger in the "slice" that was taken this time around.

At any rate it sounds like good news for your Mom!

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Thanks for all the well wishes and prayers. My mom is holding up pretty well. She has gone from being almost completely immobile about 3-4 weeks ago to being able to walk the hall with a cane, get out of bed on her own...and is generally more "with it."

Tomorrow we get the port thingy inserted and the brain MRI (praying for an empty head) -- if all goes well, she will get Gemzar and Avastin on Tuesday.

Now, if this baby would decide it is time to say "hello", I'd be a little more comfortable all the way around. :)

Love to all,


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