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horray for pain clinics!!!

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Hey all,

Mom and I went to an appointment at a pain clinic today and left so dag-on-happy!!! We have been fighting for pain meds since september and finally this wonderful doctor gave her everything we asked for and more.

If anyone is having trouble getting pain meds like we were, I suggest looking into a pain clinic. Now we can worry about more important things and we can sleep at night. For months now mom would wake up in pain and there was nothing that we could do about it.... I have felt so helpless.

Just thought I would share... funny how little things are so wonderful now.

praying for you all....


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Guest DaveG

Amen to the pain clinics. No one should have to suffer in pain. There are many pain meds available today. I have found that the analogy of pain meds becoming addictive is not true, when the pain meds are taken according to prescription. Once the pain is gone, the graving for the pain meds, goes as well. I am still on pain meds, and I am 6 months out from my last surgery. I am, however, finding that I can go longer periods of time between the doses, therefore the pain is finally subsiding.

I encourage your mother to use the pain meds as long as is necessary to ensure her a quality of pain free life.

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Guest DaveG


Do you mean, do I have ongoing discomfort or pain, yes, I do. Is this fairly common? I have heard others say that they still have problems years after.

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Dave, I was told that Post Thoracic Pain Syndrome is like Phantom Limb pain: No reason for it, but it continues. I still have slight pain, and disconcering nerve problems over a year after surgery. If I run a finger under my left breast, I feel it across my back. Very weird. Also, the balls of my feet are numb. And I'm chilly on one side and hot on the other. BUT, this is not griping! It's nothing compared to where I might be today w/o surgery!!! JudyB

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I spoke to soon... lol...

When I took moms new meds to the pharmacy they had some trouble finding a D.E.A number for the doc that wrote the script. Her medical card pays for her pain meds, but this new doc doesn't have a number in the state of ky, he is in WV. So, we have to pay for 84, 40mg oxycontin, no chance in that happening, and 164, 5mg oxycontin IR.

I don't have a clue what to do now. Thank heavens for my pharmicist, he is looking for a solution to the problem. In the mean time, mom has no meds.

Well, if it's not one thing it's another.

Ohh, the doc. mom see's regularly, the jerk, he was so sweet to tell her that "you have lived longer than I expected you to."

Why in the world would a doctor just come out and say something like that to someone? Now she is worried that she is walking a wire and could fall off at any time now. Of course I told her not to worry, but it's easier said than done. I tried to tell her that, that was good news.

Didn't help, he needs to take the "bedside manners" course again.

I reckon that's about all for today...... thanks ya'll.... you are TERRIFIC!!!!

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