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Quitting smoking


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Hi everyone:

though ut is very rare that I post on here, I do read every day.

My mother just passed two years since her daignosis, whcih some to think of it, I think they told us her chnaces of surviving 2 years was 2%? Well she just cooked a Thanksgiving feast.

Anyway, I am not sure if I am in the right forum or not, but my question is about quitting smoking.

For about 13 years I have been a pack and a half a day smoker. When my mother got sick I throught I would quit but I did not, until three months ago. I suffered my first Asthma attack in my life and that was all I needed to decided I was done with cigarettes.

It has been extremly difficult at times but just as extremly rewarding. My quetsion is, I don't know if any of you former smokers know about this, I have become addicted to the Nicotine gum now. I chew about 15 pieces of the 2 mg a day. I was wondering if anyone else used this to quit and then became addicted to the gum? My concern is, is nicotine itself cancer causing? I was jsut wondering if anyone has had an experience and knows anything about the dangers of it.

I am sure its better for me then smoking, but I am wondering if its bad to chew the gum for a very long time.

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Well, I have been chewing the nicotne gum for 2 years now. Someone told me they knew someone who was still using it after 10 years. Nicotine does not cause cancer. I am not aware of any particular bad effects from it. The way I see it it is a lot better than smoking. I had a terrible, horrible cough that was so bad people were really concerned about me. Turned out it was my husband who was diagnosed with LC after we both quit. He did it cold turkey. Our 22 year old son was just hospitalized for an asthma attack. It was a big wake up call and he is really trying to quit. He is using the gum and I am trying to encourage him not to get as hooked as I am. So, yes you can get very addicted to the gum, but you are still better off than smoking. Good luck!

Karen H

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I am SO glad to see your post and hear that your Mother is doing so well.

Sorry, I do not know about being addicted to the gum OR about nicotine and LC. Just SO SO SO happy to see you here. Maybe you can fill us in on your Mother's remarakable recovery!

Sounds as if your Thanksgiving was a wonderful one. Bet Christmas will be too!


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Well, somehow my mother has been cancer free since her surgey.

They did a very aggressive chemo/radiation combo then removed two ribs and one lung, The surgeon put some of the radiation seeds in her chest and so far it has been great.

The bad part of it all is she still smokes. It kills me and my sibligs but we have stopped arguing with her about it. She smokes very hevaily too.....

She does have a lot of nerve damage form the surgery in her arm and shoulder.

To be honest, we have been concerned because her terrible smokers cough returned about two months ago. for almost two years I did not hear it even though she was smkoing. Now I hear it every morning and every evening. My brother has seen her have such coughing fits that he was afraid she was about to pass out.

But agian, I am not lecturing her. She knows I quit and she sees the positive impact it has had on me, emotionally and physically. So I am hoping maybe this will be motivation for her.

I truly feel that she is an adult and she knows the consequences of smoking more then most people out there, so how can I tell her what to do? I wish I could change it but I can't. Seeing hers till smoking after what she has been through just proves how evil the addiction is, and thats giving me more incentive to not start back up again. I feel like it woudl make me sick to financially support any of those companies now.

So hoepfully she will quit, and hopefully I will stick with it.

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Wow, I am already another Pancoast tumor poster! on this ribbon. I fortunately was finally able to quit cigarettes for good when they told me I had lung cancer. I had quit many times but always lapsed back. It was not easy. I used Zyban, that helped but even still I would dream about smoking. Just recently I have read "In a Million Pieces" , a book about a guy going into treatment for his addictions. He had dreams that he was using. His counsellor said that that happens to be who have an addiction. When I read that I said "amen". I remember my mother who was forced to quit because she was in a nursing home with end stage COPD said she had dreams of smoking. Well I say all this just to say pray, have patients, it is a very bad drug to be addicted to and difficult but not impossible to stop using.

Also , the gum is much less harmful then cigarettes or chewing tobacco.

Best wishes. Donna G

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good to hear from you. I am also glad to hear your mom is still cancer free! I know people that got hooked on the gum, too. eventually, they quit it. some used a patch to quit the gum. :lol: I have no idea whether nicotine causes cancer, but I know it's a stimulant and I was happy to get it out of my life (quit with the patch, 5/1/99). I hated the jonesing as much as the smoking. either way, good luck!

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I also quit after 35 yrs. It's so difficult. My sister in law used the gum and now she's addicted to that. Nicotine is a poision, but it's better than putting smoke into your lungs. Cold turkey was the

only way for me. It's just a choice. Try to wean yourself off the gum. Nicotine constricts blood vessels. Go on google you'll be able to fine tons of data on the gum and nicotine. Good luck and take care.


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You're in the right state to go see the Mad Russian (Yefim Shubentsov).

I had a session with him and stopped smoking, haven't had the urge to have one since Sept 1 2001. This ended a 40+ year habit.

He's in Brookline and when I went it was $65 one time only fee, with repeat sessions if needed. I had two "top up" sessions on the phone.

This was the best 65 bucks I've ever spent, stopping smoking was a breeze for me that time.

At my session there 15 people and only one from Massachusetts, he gets them from all over the world for all kinds of addictions. I saw him on a TV program and MUCH later, when I decided to finally quit, found him online and the rest is history.

Good luck


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I smoked 2 packs a day on the average for 35 years. 3 weeks after I quit they told me I had SCLC. I had never really tried to quit over those years but something told me to stop. I thought of all the things with gum, candies, and patches but I didnt want to rely on those. I decided that I needed to make a promise so I promised God that I would quit. Now it has been 3 years come 18 Dec that I have not had a smoke. Each time my mind thinks I need one I think of my promise that I made to God and I feel this comfort come over me knowing that he is giving me faith to keep my promise. That nervous feeling just goes away and I feel that inner feelings of warmth come over me. Good luck and God Bless You.

Don :wink:

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Thanks everyone for the advice.

I was jsut so determined to not smoke I bought the gum and it felt good and I did not even think aboout the consequences of it, just that I cold not believe I was not smoking.

Pluse, I was on a very very dose of Prendisone the first 14 days I quit which made me extremly hyper , therefore I was chewing all night long because I do not think I slept thsoe two weeks, ha ha.

But anyway, I have a Dr. appointment on Friday and I will talk to her about it. My plan now has been to wait until after the New year and work on quitting this gum.

My poor boyfriend is addicted as well, he quit smoking when I did to support me, and now we are both cheiwng all day. I will say, how much better I feel is unbleivebale and thats what I am really focusing on at the moment.

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