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Pneumonia and Low WBC counts


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What it looks like......

looks like LOw REd Blood cell count but in addition you will see....

bruising, nose bleeds, coughing and the one you love will slow down.....not want to move. may have more mouth sores. Not want to eat. Dad, isn;t talking much at all. Just nodding his head. He naps then wakes up confused...is it morning or really 8 pm?

The coughing and wheezing should be enough to get us to go to the ER.....but it is Sunday night. Only the really sick people go to the ER on Sunday night.

This is what i saw on Sunday night and still I was scared to suggest ER. At 4 am I suspected fever but couldn't find thermometer. I threaten the ER...but gave him a codeine (Tylenol 3). He calmed down enough for us to sleep. We went to the Onc. for chemo and the blood draw and vitals sent us to the ER.

Pneumonia. Platelets in the thousands when they are supposed to the hundred thousands.

IV antibiotics and platelets by the afternoon had him talking again.

At the same time, I am on a plane zooming back to Rhode Island...to work and family responsibilities. At Home My hubs is grousing a bit cuz I am not exactly myself and our work is stressful and little girl has a sinus infection but we managed to lost the prescription for the antibiotics. The only peace we grab is from the computer screens...we have his and hers now. Thank GOd.....

I have miss ya'll. I feel like I have been light years away. Thank God for Ms, Cindy O'oh. Now I am ready to belly up to the bar and order a stiff one. I was sober the whole time in Texas and now I just want to dissolve.....but cant cuz it is a school night and there are no clean towels in the house.

Much love to every one on this precious message board. My prayers are sent out over the cyber wave into each and every heart so that healing can happen and hurtin' can stop.


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Sorry to hear that you had such a scare with your dad. I am glad he got antiobitics for the pneumonia. My dad was hospitalized last year for that and it was really scary. He wasn't talking much either. Just know I will have your dad in my prayers.



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Hi Eppie,

So sorry to hear about the setback with you dad. Thank G-d they found what it is and he should be start to feel better with the antibiotics.

Prayers sent to him.

You are such a great daughter, it shows through all your postings.

Keep us posted on your dads recouperation.


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Pub is open 24/7...always and ear, always a tear somewhere if ya look hard enough. Just shove Frank over...he bounces.

Isn't that strange how we get near the parents and intuitively know what their boundaries are and we dare not cross them; even as adults?

If he were your child, you would had him in the back of your car pronto.

Get well, Dad. Eppie needs her rest!

I am glad that you got to go and that you are back again.

Cindi o'h

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Glad they found out what was wrong,

now with the right medication he will

get better.

You will need your own medical bag when

you go see him, just as a precaution.

Get some rest if you can,

a good show at tje Pub will pick you up.

See you soon



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Glad they found out what was wrong with your Dad. Where does he live? I know it's not easy to be far away when you have a sick family member -- I seem to feel guilty no matter which end I'm at -- not being with my Dad and/or not being with my husband... at home. It's tough.

Hope things continue on a smooth course.

gail p-m

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I am so glad they found your dad's problem, Eppie. I'm saying prayers that he improves quickly.

As for you...remember to take care of Eppie. The role of caregiver is a tough one. It's so easy to really let yourself run out of steam when you're running in so many directions. There are so many people depending on you right now so please remember to take some time to care for yourself.

Yep...our cindi is a real gem! Have no idea what I would do without her either!

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Dad is in a private room now. Still on o2 though. THis morning he was really down. Pissed off that this is the second time in a months time he's been iin the hospital...

I called the Onc to see if he could read the CT scans they did yesterday. He got there within the hour!

He was excited. Dad's nodules across his chest were gone and the lymph glands with cancer were nearly gone. The primary was also at 50% from Sept. scan.

This is very good news. It tells us that the chemo is working. What is going to happen is that his chemo dose is going to be cut in half...becuase he is clearly not tolerating the gemzar/vinoralbine very well. My folks are very happy now. He is getting the week off the chemo so he concentrate on putting this pneumonia behind him. I am so glad Dad was able to get some good news.

My brother told me he was lectured this morning by dad about his smoking and drinking. Brother also works for Exxon/mobil (lots of stress and long hours as a chemicla plant technician and high BP at age 36 does not bode very well healthwise). Dad was telling him to stop these habits or else he'll end up in the hospital like him one day.

I have tried to be neutral on the subject....(I am not pristine in my recreational habits but I do not smoke cigarettes). I do maintain many good healthy habits like eating organic and working out regularly. My brother has been more flagrant in his habits since Dad was diagnosed. WEll, we all cope differently. THis is true. I do feel bad for my brother.

My sister who lives an hour away in Spring Texas...has three little kids under age 7. She and her husband both work full time and now are devastated with the recent heart attack (Tuesday) of her Husband's mom. The ambulance couldn't get there quickly enough..A fire blocked the entrance road to the highway 4 children died..delay resulted in loss of o2 to her brain. She is in a coma on a ventilator in Victoria, Texas. WE're all heart broken. SHe is such a precious person. She hadbeenrecently diagnosed with Congestive HEart Failure. But I had believed that this can be a chronic condition.

I guess it was a good thing Dad took communion this week.

Prayers going out to the universe to all in need tonight and every night. Healing is neded. HEarts are in pain. Hugs hugs to all on this precious message board.

Much love,


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