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getting paranoid again


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I just finished 6 wks of chemo,have 1 radiation treatment left that was supposed to be finished last week but the machine kept breaking down and today we had 6inches of snow so I have to go tomorrow.The last few days i have been coughing up some blood,not a lot but its there.I told the tech at radiation on the phone and she said the dr will see me tomorrow when i go she dont think its from radiation.My throat is dry and I cough alot but im just so scared.

Im supposed to go away for the weekend and see a concert with my son.I have been looking forward to this since he got me the ticket for Christmas.

Where are you Jim?

sorry so long


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I know coughing up blood is scary. It has happened to me a few times. The doctor usually gives me an antibiotic and it seems to help. It could also be from your sore/dry throat.

A few things I do for my cough. One is chewing gum. Another is hard candy. Cough syrup with codeine and phenergan. During the day a med called tessalon perle. It is a scrip.

I would not worry about small amounts of blood, but still see a doctor soon.


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Hi Marie

I remember I coughed up blood for a week or so. It was not very much. I think it was from the blood thinners I was taking. I would not say it scared me, but I was definitely concerned. I would examine my spit with great interest until the blood stopped coming up.

It is probably nothing to worry about, especially if it stops after a short time.

Enjoy your concert.

Don M

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When I coughed up blood it scared me too. You are not alone on this!

It turned out for me that it was radiation pneumonitis and mine came along sooner than most others...usually that is months after treatment ends. Things are pretty raw in there as you can well imagine. Probably some thinning sore tissues.

The doc put me on antibiotics and some prednisone and voila! no more bleeding..

And, yeah. Where is Jim???


Cindi o'h

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