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Getting to know you February 19


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When my kids were growing up everything was either home made or home grown. We had cattle, pigs, chickens and rabits not to mention ducks and turkeys. We also had a very large garden.

I canned or froze vegetables and made my own pickles and jellies. I also cooked everyday. My specialtie was home made bread (my mom's recipe). Eating out was so rare that when it did happen I really enjoyed it. Now living alone I don't cook often and eating out doesn't hold the excitement it used to. I am still a very good cook (I've been told) but don't often get to cook for myself or anyone else.

I made all of my childrens clothes when they were little and my husbands shirts as well. When I wasn't in the garden or peeling shirmp or cooking and cleaning I passed the time either with crochet, making quilts or embroirdery. As the kids got older t shirts and jeans took over and the patterns and fabric got so expensive that I just about quit sewing altogether. I did make a few things for my grandchildren when they were small.

I still love to quilt and crochet but time and bad hands have made that something that I don't do as often as I would want to. I have a quilt that I have been trying to finish for 6 months and I can finally see the end in sight. Over the years I made about 30 quilts and crochet'd 6 bedspreads. I can't count the afghans and dolies that I made. Until 4 years ago I never put a pillow case on my bed that was not embroirdered.

I still prefer home made things but time and age have conspired to make those things nearly extinct in my life. I do love to get home made things from others still. They just seem to mean more.

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