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CNN on Lung Cancer

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Hi All,

Just wanted to share with you that all day today and tonight CNN Cable News is talking and going to be talking about lung cancer issues. Also, you can email CNN and share your stories about lung cancer.

They are asking for people to email them about there storeis. Here's our chance!!!!

Paula Zahn's show tonight is all about lung cancer.

Go check it out on your website. Just type in CNN.

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Found this on CNN

Bronchoaveolar carcinoma. This uncommon type of non-small cell lung cancer tends to grow more slowly than other forms of the disease. It occurs more often in smokers than in nonsmokers and tends to arise in more than one location at the same time.

I was told at diagnosis (in the recovery room) that it was the kind that non-smokers get. Those of you more knowledgeable--what do you think?


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Yes, I was impressed with Lance. And would kiss him too. :lol::lol:

I did dash off an email to both Larry King and 360 mentioning us.

I sent Oprah a copy of the email I had sent her in the summer, after Dana was diagnosed. I asked her if NOW would be a good time to do a show.


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I also sent a few emails off. But I want to ENCOURAGE all or members here (Survivors and Caregivers) to PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE take 15 minutes of your time over the next 4 days and start to send some EMAILS to The Good Morning Shows, Today Show, all the early morning shows, ALONG with you LOCAL NEWS stations and NEWSPAPERS about your Lung Cancer Journey.


PLEASE I BEG YOU to send some emails to all that will listen. And also mention NOVEMBER IS LUNG CANCER AWARENESS MONTH and we deserve to be heard also!!

I have sent 3 emails to our Local News Stations, and to both of our local newspapers. It's really easy to do.

Do it in memory of in honor of your loved one.

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