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chloretazine update 3rd scan


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well.....got the results back today i'm ned again (yea!).....probably would have been clean after the 1st or 2nd round (i had 3 rounds).

i really feel tired now and wasnt lookin' for a 4th round......this stuff kinda gets worse as you go...but all in all ....very easy to take and tolerate....(in my experience)

it doesnt have the same result on everybody but it kicked the crap outta my 6X4 cm adrenal tumor....

they will only give it to folks who have a single recurrance (i think)after being ned from the original tumor (if that makes sense).


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Gratzi Ya'll,

.....i've been lurking around trying to keep up w/everyone....i tolerated the chemo well....but chemo is chemo and i'm real weak now....Doc says 4-6 weeks and i'll feel pretty good.....

hey! i'll take what i can get....if i dont get anymore than what i've already rec'd i'm happy w/that.....i've been very fortunate....i dont deserve it so it must be ya'll "prayin' me outta it" hehehehe..... many thanks .........s

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Are you small enough to fit in my pocket? If so, I'm bringing you to my Dad's onc at his next visit in April. If my Dad has a recurrence, we're headed South.

Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful outcome. It gives SCLC survivors a glimmer of hope where previously there was none.

Bless you and I pray for your continued good health! And yes, I concur, you're a cutie...

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