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hi all


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Hi everyone my name is laurene and I want to share my story of whats going on with me to see if anyonelse went thru similiar things and procedure.3 years ago they found 2 spots on my lung a 9mm and a 5mm since then I had cat scans every 6 months to see if it grew and boy the stress of those cats!After 3 year point they have not grown but due to my mom dying at 47 of adenocarcinoma they are taking me to 5 year point.I wonder if anyonelse is also going thru the contiuos testing phase of this?I wonder if after 5 years I can be totally sure its not cancer? well anyone with any veiws on this please feel free to post or email me at cinnamongirl1215@aol.com :D God Bless you and keep you safe


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Hi Laurene,

I'm right there with ya girl. Have been watching multiple nodules for 1 1/2 yrs now. Also lost my mom at 41 to LC and two grandparents to LC. I know just how nerve wracking it is. I wish I could say something to help you. Just know you are not alone.

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In the General Forum at the top of the page you will see a Thread (DO YOU HAVE NODULES) You might want to join in on that thread of messages. This way we keep all the Nodule people together.

I know you had posted to the Doc's in Ask the Experts and You and I have chatted about your nodules. I encourage you to join the NODULE GROUP.

The GOOD NEWS IS, YOU DON'T HAVE LUNG CANCER!!! :D As of today, you only have NODULES!! That's a GOOD THING!!!

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Guest Jensunflower

It's the guinea pig stage, lol, and it is going to last awhile, I am afraid! I am new to this as well, so I do not have much insight, but I wish you the best. There is great support and answers here.

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