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Hi everyone~

My mom was scanned Tuesday 4/3 CT and PET and gets the results Friday 4/7. She is having pain in her back where she had the local recurrence (7/2005) was at the spot where the tumor was removed (8/2004) and she is very tired. I am not expecting good results. I'll keep you posted.

Thanks for everything!!!

p.s. I may be getting a new job with normal computer access and more $$ so I can maybe buy one for home too and really be in the loop again!!


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Hoping and praying for Mom, Heidi, as ALWAYS. Can hardly wait to hear the results tomorrow. You better let us know ASAP ~ ya hear?????

I will be hoping for that new job as well, if that is what you want. More $$$$ sounds GREAT, huh? And having your own computer...........that will be super! Then you can come here whenever you want!!!!! IF you want to hang out with this 'ODD' bunch of folks, tht is :wink: !



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