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My mom just finished the last chemo infusion (this cycle). It went well-now we wait 2 months than do another PET Scan to see how much shrinkage she has. She looks well, no more swelling and is starting to get back to her ole self. We try to walk outdoors at least 3 times a week (if the weather permits) and probably go a mile or so. Last week her ankle swelled, and right away I assume it is another blot clot or something horrible. She reassures me that it is nothing and just puts ice on it and by morning it is fine. She hardly ever wears the 02 and today after walking the stats were 91. I am so proud of her!!! The really good news is her Dr. finally said today that he would give her a referral for the Mayo for a 2nd opinion. She was really happy because she has always believed in 2nd opinions. Thanks to everyone for all your caring and kindness. You have really helped me with keeping some things in check.


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