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For Cindi........


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Cindi makes a yummy martooni, huh, long Don? :wink:

Pub is officially open. For celebrating and for crying.

Reminds me that we are all in this knotty pine pub together. Wherever you are in your journey, you will be by a friend who will understand...(specially if there is a drinkie poo in hand).

If you feel like dancin', dance.

If you find a dark corner to hash it over with someone who is going through the same stuff, there is a candle nearby to get serious.

Pub is open and Don Wood is buying since he can't see his toes right now!

I think I will have one of Tiny's Orgasmas ...gee! It has been a long time since anyone has ordered one of those and I can't remember when I had my last one! 8)

Order up girlfriends and boyfriends!

Cindi o'h

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