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Thanks for the kind words about the article, everyone! To answer your question as to why they never seem to mention the type of LC, it is because reporters are clueless about details like that. I was very specific with her about what type of cancer I have. I was also very specific with her about my last name (she used my formerly married name, which didn't make my husband all-too happy). I was also VERY clear with her what a tremendous roll macrobiotics has played in my life in the past year and the fact that my scans have been stable for the past six months and my doctor has told me to "keep doing what I am doing" (regarding the diet). None of that made it into the article -- just a brief mention. I believe the media thinks that if they appear to be ENDORSING macrobiotics, or any CAM treatments, they will have some sort of liability because people might shun traditional treatments for alternative (not true -- i believe they go hand in hand....).

In any event, after doing several newspaper/tv/radio interviews, I have learned the hard way that they put whatever twist they want on the story to suit their needs and gloss over information that is actually important to the LC community -- but they don't feel is important to the general public.

BUT....with all that said, I guess any exposure is good exposure when it comes to LC! :roll:

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Very good article. Do not be concerned where they put or do not put the spin. The attention is needed on lung cancer. You did a wonderful job bringing that to the forefront.

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Thank you again for doing such a good interview. It has been several days since I have read the article and one of the impressions that I did walk away with was that you changed your eating habits and lifestyle. To me, It was a strong impression.

Cindi o'h

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