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Had a dream....

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...It was a HOT summer day and I was at my parent's house. All the windows were wide open to try to get that warm gentle breeze to float through the house. (of course this is a dream, why isn't the air conditioning on???) I noticed some storm clouds heading our way and suddenly the wind started to gust and pick up dirt from the fields outside mom & dad's house. I was thinking we should turn on the TV to hear the weather report and check for the possiblitiy of a tornado when I noticed a funnel cloud picking up speed! I decided it was too late to check the TV and it was time to head to the basement! As I turn to tell my parents that we need to get downstairs NOW I feel the pressure building in the house and feel the force of the tornado which is obviously already upon us. Although it is very hard to move I am just a few steps away from the basement and feel I should be making my way in that direction. But my mom is all the way across the kitchen and I know in her weakend state she will never make it to the basement without my help.

And then I am awake. Guess I don't need a shrink or dream interpreter to figure this one out. Obviously it bothers me that I cannot 'save' my mother, and I simply feel helpless in this situation.

I was just wondering if anyone else has had dreams related to fighting this beast that they might want to share.


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This is so weird. I just had a dream the other night and it's been bugging me. It was all about religious rituals that the Pope told us to perform at the Vatican to cure my husband. It felt so real. Visions of Saints and Jesus Christ that filled my whole being with hope and the Holy Spirit. When I woke up I told my husband that we needed to go to Rome. He just chuckled. (We're not even Catholic.) So much for that travel idea!

Great idea for a topic. I'm sure many, many of us have had these types of dreams.


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A few months after my surgery, I had a dream that I was spending summer vacation with my grandparents and Grampa and I were riding our bikes on the old gravel road they lived on. I could smell the grass and hear the hums and buzzes of the bugs and feel the tires sliding in the sand...it was SOOOO real. Grampa hugged me and called me "Honey Girl" and I was awake - and I knew he was all right. See, he had died two weeks prior...

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I had so many dreams when I was sick last December, I can't begin to write about them. Really, it could fill a book. Just for a laugh, the last one I had (I guess it was the last) involved being in the South and hanging around some country western singer family (don't know who, maybe Loretta Lynn's family) and somehow they were all poor. They were given turkeys for thanksgiving, but they all left them on their front steps. I became very worried about food poisoning, so I decided to go to each house and show them how to make Thanksgiving dinner, clean the turkey and make the stuffing, spuds, veggies, pies. It kept me very busy :lol::lol:

Shortly after that, my doctor came to see me (for real, not a dream) and asked me how I was. I started to tell him about how I was ok, but we had a serious problem with turkeys!!!!!!! :lol::lol:

He smiled and just kept writing and writing and writing.

The mind is a terrible thing to waste!!!!! :lol:


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can not begin to tell you the numbers of troubling

dreams I have had since Alan was dignosed. I spend

a lot of time disussing them with my social worker at

the hospital. They are so vivid and real, I think

that's what makes them so disturbing. Wish I could

tell you you won't have any more of these dreams, but

I can't. Hang in there.

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Tornados are always symbolic of consfusion.

I have been hugged and kissed by m daddy several times since he has passed on...oh an long distance phone calls where he described where he is but I can remember the details upon waking up.

I consider these dreams a blessing. Mom says Dad shows up in the morning harassing her for sex. Even in death some things never change. LOL

much love


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