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Kasey......How 'Ya Doin'????


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Kasey gal....haven't heard from you in a bit on your recovery from that appendix episode.....you OK these days? Just curious -- you still fiesty as ever these days? Am assuming you must be good to go if you're going to the bash.......geez, hair worries?!? Oh, Kasey, Kasey, Kasey.....we've got to talk about priorities.....lol Just hope you and your family are doing well!

Linda :D

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Well one big HEY to you, Linda! Yes, I am feisty as ever. But hair can drive me right over the edge, ya know? I had BAD hair BEFORE. Ya know how you hear that it comes back differently? My HOPE was that since it was BAD to start with, it would come back BETTER! HA! Worse and worser :? !!!!

But thanks for asking, friend of mine! Had a long weekend with my brother and niece, TracyD (you know from this board). Now there is BIG trouble.....Tracy and me together :roll: !

And since you asked, Linda, I will give you way TMI. We have been waiting and watching on Fred's nodules and prostate since last summer. So FINALLY he is to have a prostate biopsy on 7/17. My 3 month checkup is on 7/11 in MD at NIH. Tracy just got a stable report and will have scans again on 7/17 as well.

Following YOUR story as well, Linda. Sorry about all that has transpired regarding Mom. You have SO much on your plate, wish I xould take some of it for ya!

Thanks for the ckeck-in. We are as OK as we can be, I guess. We got LOTS fo concerns, but doing okay. This is the place to be for people who truly care for one another. Thanks for caring, Linda.



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Just love 'ya Kasey gal.....glad you and TracyD are together on kickin' cr*p out of this beast (love that remission gig!!!) -- been following both of you for a long bit and you both are rockin' big time with this and I am so, so glad.

No info. is TMI from you, Kasey. My dad had prostate concerns and several biopsies (big ouch for the guys there) before the docs. could capture the evidence of anything to treat....stay on top of that and things will work out great for Fred....they did for my dad on the prostate front.

Big TY for noting what's up with mom....really don't know what to say more there right now. Really hard on all fronts at the moment. So much new for me to deal with (geez, today just got an official medical letter that declares mom's mental/physical incompetence to deal in her own affairs....just rots big time :cry: ). Mom is partially there at times, but mostly not in a big confusion way..... :cry::cry::cry:

You take care and keep us posted,


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