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Chest x-ray after surgery


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I had a chest x-ray 3 mos after surgery (removed upper left lobe)and the radiologist report said my lung was flat at the top. So my Doc ordered another chest x-ray which was done 7/24/06. Said he may want a CT again depending on the next x-ray report. Has anyone ever heard of this?

After reading the posts about chemo or no chemo for stage 1A NSCLC I plan on asking my onc more questions when I see him next. I was told in 4/06 no chemo, now I'm wondrering if I should have had chemo. I'm confused and a little scared.


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You are from Minnesota...do you go to Mayo? They are excellent in my opinion.

My mom was always so afraid to ask the oncs questions. She felt guilty...I told her that was crazy...that is what they are there for! So...ask questions, tons and tons of questions!

Best of luck Mary!


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I'm with you Mary in the little confused and I KNOW your scared! We all are scared on this journey.

I would ask for a CT scan rather then an x-ray anyway. They detect more and they offer you a LOT more piece of mind! :wink: I hate when they only do x-rays because they don't always show everything. I'm ALL FOR CT-SCANS! :D:wink:

Also, as for chemo, they are starting to offer it to more and more early stage lung cancer survivors, I would ask you Onc why he/she doesn't want you to have it.

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Ask as many questions as it takes you to feel comfortable. I know it's scary - we've all been there, and vist from time to time! But you are one of the luckier ones since your cancer was detected so early. Once you get past the initial shock, sadness, etc, you just can deal. And I suspect you'll do great.


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Ask the Dr what the report means.

You can also ask the Dr about the "margins". Were they clear or not?

If there is no mention of nodules, then maybe the Dr is probably just checking to see if recovery from the surgery is OK.

It is unlikely a reoccurrence this early.

My guess, but ask the Dr any questions your have.

Don't be afraid to bother him if necessary

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Hi Patches, I just read earlier post from you. Welcome.

I have never heard of lung being flat on top. Did you get pathology report or radiology reports ? It would be easier for us to understand (maybe) if we knew what reports said.

The chemo question is BIG. I had chemo and radiation after surgery. My choice, but then I had bigger tumor and very tiny margin. Did they do a good check of your mediastinal nodes?

You might feel better if you get an independent second opinion from onc affiliated with another hospital.


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Hello and welcome

Concerning the chemo question--I too was 1A 5 years ago, and no chemo was advised at the time. It was later that studies recommended chemo for stage 1A. When I asked my oncologist about it, he told me if I came into his office that day with the same staging, he still would not recommend chemo. My tumor was only 1cm and all nodes were clear.

I also have always gotten CT scans every 6 months.

Let us know


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Thanks so much to all of you for responding to my post. I really appreciate it. There is so much to read on this site I will be here for years, but can't think of a better place to spend some time.

Is there a place where I can find the abbreviations used? I don't know what SOB means! :)


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