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Surgery Works


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Tim had surgery on his vocal cord today and it worked great. He's a little hoarse, but the small, breathy, weak, phlemgy voice is gone!! He sounds strong and his voice is deep again.

This will do wonders in making him feel as if he's getting better. I think the "little voice" made him feel weak and sickly. He'll come home tomorrow and have his chemo on Thursday, so not too bad.

Now we're just waiting for the CT of his chest; should hear on Thursday. Hope I can post the results here!! :D


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I told Buddy's onc yesterday about Tim's operation. He wants me to have you to explain to me on here what was done and how. I will copy it and show him. Maybe buddy can also have it done. He sure would love to have his voice back...It is very hard on him to. He has to repeat himself so often...Would appreciate all that you know, the name of the procedure,etc. maybe you could get a copy of what they did in his medical report...also the name of the Dr. and is he a throat surgeon?

Anything you can give me would be appreciated...thanks

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