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Andrea, How Are We Doing on Recipe Needs? UPDATED 8-8


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How's the volume of recipes you are getting -- from what you see, do you think you'll get near enough for a great book #2?

Any particular areas that are sorely missing contributions -- like you wish you had more desserts, beef recipes, soups, etc.?

Just curious. Might help us as we search our files and prod our friends and neighbors....


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We have 141 recipes inputted so far (and I am up to date with inputs, although I do need to check my PO Box). We need about 400. I anticipate we will be able to do it if people send me recipes :) I still have not received recipes from a lot of people here whom I suspect will be sending some.

I think we are doing pretty good. Last time people had months to get me recipes, but in reality, it should not take months to gather recipes. The more time we have, the more we procastinate. So this time it is just a bit more rushed which is ok b/c I now know how to do this, volunteers are in place, and we are off to a running start.

Hoefpully it will be ok b/c otherwise I will feel like an idiot for saying there will be a second cookbook if there cannot be one ;)

Recipes of ANY type are welcome. It really does not matter, we need anything.

And we need photos for the photo montage:)

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Keep those recipes coming, PLEASE!!!!!! :)

I have in-vitro at end of month and want to feel a bit more secure in the recipe amounts.

Also, some good news, my mom was apparently so loved where she worked back in NY (they moved to California to be with me in 2001, I grew up in NY). I just got an e-mail from a former co-worker's sister who heard about this book and she herself is publishing a CD cookbook with over 15,000,000 recipes. She is going to put a label on the back that a portion of proceeds will go to this cause :shock:

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