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Meeting with Neurologist

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Mom has a meeting with the neurologist today to determain what her options are. They are either looking at surgery or cyberknife. Dad is going with her since she can't drive until she get the all clear for the Dr. Which will not be until all treatments are done.

I saw her on Saturday and some moments she is good others she is not so good. I would be talking to her and it was like she wasn't even paying attention. Or she would be on one subject then switch to another subject then back to the first subject. It was very confusing and I was tired by the end of the day. Is this all normal with brain mets. I can't remember it being like this last time.

I will keep everyone posted with the upcoming news.


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I don't have any background with brain mets, but I hope you get your answers soon. It can be so frustrating, weighing all of the options over and over.

I pray for the doctors to come up with some good options for your mom, so that she can get at the good fight! Do keep us informed.

:) Kelly

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Mom just called with news on what the Neurolgist said. He wants to operate to remove it. They are going to call today to schedule her for surgery next week. She will be in the hospital for 2 to 3 days, then maybe rehab due to the weakness on left side. Dr. said the weakness is due to the pressure the tumor is causing. She will be evaluated after surgery to determain rehab. The Dr. seems very good about this surgery he has been doing it for 19 years. So we got some good news. :D

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