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Bad, Bad Kharma


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So, today I was feeling pretty good, a good friend, (and old neighbor) was visiting from Canada. We decided to take our combined six children to a nearby lake to enjoy the gorgoues weather. We had a great day, and when we got back to my car ...you guessed it. Someone had broken in and stole my bag (my favorite Vera Bradley I've had for years) and my cell phone. Fortunately I had my wallet with me, so it certainly could have been much worse. They also stole the bag I had packed for daughters swimming lesson which consisted of her Hello Kitty towel, water shoes, and her favorite pink bikini. On the way out of the park we found the bikini top lying in the middle of the road.

We searched but found nothing. Sprint was kind enough to cancel my phone, rendering it useless, but they were quick to remind us that we are still locked into the two year contract (a mere $200!). I'm now more mad at Sprint than at the thieves!

I believe what goes around comes around and those thieves have some seriously BAD kharma hanging over them.

Thanks for the vent.


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Aw geez, Trace :( !!! Nothing like getting stomped on once you're down!!! You know I'm sorry. If you want I can 'talk' to Sprint for ya. That 'DP' designation beside my name (Difficult Patient in some instances and Difficult Person in others) isn't for nothing!

And hey.............I think it sounds like a shopping trip to replace that bag! Whaddaya think?

Sorry again, Trace.

Love ya,

Aunt Kasey

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Not bad kharma, but bad people

That is definitely no fun!! Yes, it could have been a lot worse, but it is still a mean and nasty thing to happen.

My cell phone got stolen out of our car when I was seeing doctors, including the oncologist, after my mastectomy. That was a rough day to begin with, and then to find your window smashed.

What they didn't know was that the cell phone had a dead battery, and we canceled it right away, so they got NUTTIN'


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I know what you are feeling, I had my briefcase stolen just before fathers day.

Had almost every piece of personal information possible in it.

If the theives were after money I would have given

them almost any amount to get that case back. Half

Alan's medical records were in there. I am so sorry

this happened to you.

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