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Acceptance--not LC related


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I got the semi-official word from the Admissions office today that I am accepted for the M.Div. program at Asbury Seminary. It is only semi-official because I haven't gotten the hard-copy acceptance letter in the mail yet. ;) I want that in my hot-little hands. :)

If all goes well, I'll start this January--or if that won't work financially (Too late for financial aid), next Fall at this time. :)

The only downside is (heehee)... I promised them I wouldn't drink any alcohol while I'm enrolled... No more wine. :((;)) (Like I drink so much--like a glass every 6 months or something). Looks like it'll be Shirley Temples and Vanilla Coke's for me at the Pub. ;)

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I'm so very happy this is finally going to be for you, Val. And as far as the wine goes, I will be more than glad to take up your slack :lol: !!!! Will you be able to have a glass of wine when you have completed the course? If not, I suppose I can carry your load!



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