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New here...My mom has been diganosed with lung cancer. HELP!


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Hello,I am new here. I stumbled upon this site as I desperately try to find out all I can about lung cancer. Here's my story...

My mom used to smoke but quit almost 3 yrs ago. She went to the for a regular check up in May. She was given a lab order for blood work. She was currently taking Synthroid for her thyroid and benicar for high blood pressure. She had the blood work drawn in June and everything came back good. It was about 2 weeks later, she started to become hoarse and her throat hurt. She went to the Dr and was told she had a yeast infection in her mouth due to Advair inhaler. (Her Dr gave her this inhaler about a year ago for shortness of breath) My mom was given medicine to swish around in her mouth to treat the infection, 2 weeks later no change. The Dr then gave her an antibotic in the form of a pill to try. She finished that and 2 days later we left for vacation.

After we returned she was still not feeling well. She was hoarse, coughed a lot, and had pain in her back shoulder area. Then the following happened.

8/17/06-Dr sent her for xrays and bloodwork.

8/18/06-Dr called her back in to office. She was diagnosed with lung cancer.

8/22/06-PET Scan

8/30/06-Consult with Pulmonary Dr.


9/5/06-Dr said it's Small Cell, Limited Stage Lung Cancer and referred her to an Oncologist.

9/6/06-Consult with Oncologist

9/11/06-Chemo with Cisplatin & Etoposide

9/12/06-Chemo with Etoposide

and then tomorrow it's Chemo with Etoposide. She will have Chemo every 21 days.

Does anyone know if Small Cell Lung Cancer curable? She does not go back to the Dr til 9/29/06.

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Good morning. I am so sorry that you had to find us in the first place, but I am so glad that you have. This place is WONDERFUL in terms of finding out information. I come here every day and I find hope, give hope, see hurt, and feel hurt...this I call the cancer rollercoaster. We have all been strapped into a rollercoaster that we cannot get out of, forever.

HOWEVER, YES, YES, YES, SCLC is something that "can" go away! According to our docs, those in remission for five years or more are considered "cured" by their definition. My dad is currently in remission from limited stage sclc! He had the same chemos as your mom, and it had not metasticized to anywhere. He currently is on a regime of full bone scans and CTs every 3 months. His first one post treatments will be in November.

There are many here who can give you such good hope about SCLC. Don is a wonderful person to talk to, as he has the STICKY in the SCLC forum. I actually called him and talked to him personally, and he gave me so many ideas for how to get through treatments, deal with reality, depression, and ways to seek more information.

There are five years and more survivors on this board. I was talking to someone the other day who knew a 92 year old man who had been a 20 year survivor of SCLC before he had it reoccur. He thought that living to 92 was a huge success! I agree!

Stay hopeful, stay on top of SCLC, as it is aggressive, and as far as I know one of the fastest growing cancers. The more you know, and keep on top of things, the greater chance you have for catching any changes early.

Let me know if you want to know more. I am more than willing to chat any time.

God bless you, mom, and the rest of your families.

Take care and stay strong. Cancer is scary, but it is also beatable!


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Hello and welcome. I am so sorry you needed to find us, but very glad you have joined us.

As the others before me have told you, this is a very frightening disease but it is one that can be dealt with. I want to caution you about the statistics you will find in your searching. Please do not pay attention to those. Stats are numbers based on large groups of people, your mother is an individual and will have her own unique results to treatments, etc.

Please keep posting here and let us know how we can help you. This is a very warm and caring group of people with a lot of knowledge. You only need to let us know how we can help and we will..

My best to you and your family,


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I am an almost 5 year survivor, my oncologist has pronounced me cured of that particular tumor and if I get another one it will be a a new primary tumor which is easier to treat than a recurrence.

Sclc is very responsive to chemo, mine started to shrink very quickly after treatment was started and was just scar tissue by the time I finished the chemo and radiation.

This a very scary disease but take heart, everyone here has been in either yours or your Mom's shoes and it's a very good place to find support and information. I've made it so why can't your Mom too?

Take care


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Limited stage is good. My dad went through the same thing - hoarseness that was attributed to something else, SCLC cancer found after 1 month. He fought a brave battle for 3 years. He did very well during that time, lived a full life.

Cisplatin + Etoposide is the "gold standard" for SCLC. Why can't your mom get Cisplatin all 3 days along with Etoposide? Ask her MD that question. Combination chemo is better than single agent.

Keep us posted. You have my prayers for a cure.

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