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More bad news.....


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My son had IMRT, and it does take awhile to set it up. What I was told is that there are lots of calculations to get the correct dosage and pinpoint the areas to receive the radiation. IMRT is supposed to deliver radiation directly to the tumor while avoiding the surrounding areas. My son had a (bone)tumor that was very close to his eye and the base of his brain, and the radiologist wanted to protect both areas from the radiation. He received 6 weeks of daily radiation without any complications. So try to be patient and stay positive.


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I am sorry you had such bad news Grace.

I would check out cyberknife too. Image guided radiation is the the next best thing. It is a form of IMRT that uses a onboard imager that checks the location of the tumor immediatelay prior to dose delivery.

You and your husband have my best wishes.

Don M

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