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Mom has finished first round of chemo


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Thank you all for the warm welcome. I definitey will check in daily, I want to learn so much. I am not sure why mom does not get cisplatin every day, I'll have to check with her DR.

My mom has gotten through the first round of chemo. Monday was 6.5 hours and Tuesday & Wednesday 3 hours each. She had 1 complication, major swelling in the face, stomach, hands and feet. She felt so bloated and miserable yesterday. I called the DR and she prescibed a strong water pill to help with the swelling but wants mom to have blood work drawn today. She said mom's tumor was very large and that it's possible with all the chemo treatment due to the swelling that mom is not getting enough blood to the heart valve. I spoke with mom this morning and she said she feels SO MUCH better today. She has been peeing a lot and the swelling has really went down. The DR was kind of hestitant to give mom the water pill because she does not want mom to get dehydrated and also it's not good for the kidneys especially after just having chemo. She can only take the pill every other day as needed. She will get a shot of neupogen everyday for 7 days. (This medication stimulates the blood system (bone marrow) to make white blood cells, helping to fight infections.)

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Glad the first treatment is behind you and mom now. It WILL get easier as you get into the routine.

One note here, dehydration is a huge issue with so many on chemo. Please be sure that your mom is drinking plenty of water. Even with the swelling issues she is having, that fluid intake is so very important!

Keep us posted and know that my prayers for you and mom continue,


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