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Can anyone give me any answers?


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My mom was diagnosed with SCLC that was metastasized to her brain one year ago. She took radiation and chemo and was doing fairly well. About 4 months ago the CAT scan showed that the brain tumors were increasing. She took radiation again. While she was taking radiation her bowel ruptured (nothing to do with the cancer) and was hospitalized. They told us she wouldn't make it through the night. Well she did and about 8 weeks later they operated on her bowel. Yes, 8 weeks. She was getting better and they kept postponing the operation because they didn't want to put her through it unnecessarily especially since they didn't really think she had a lot of time left because of the cancer. A week after the surgery she had a seizure from her brain tumors. She quickly got worse over the next few days and they decided to move her down to the palliative care unit. She could no longer talk and she stopped eating completly. After a week like this she started talking and eating again. She is totally bedridden because she does not have the stregth or muscle tone to even stand up (she only weighs 98 lbs). She only gets up with the help of a lift machine. We are now going on week 16. She is talking and eating but she doesn't always make sense. She does things that are totally out of character for her and sometimes she sees things that aren't there. How long can I expect this to go on? I have no idea what to expect in the future. Does anyone have any info they can share with me. I know that no one can tell me how much longer my mother will be here but can anyone help me to know what I should expect? Any comments would be greatly appreciated.

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It souds like too many things are going on and I may be able to help.

1) obviously the Brain Tumours are the cause of the speech and Delirium if you can call it that. Close enough though. I do not know if anything can be done about those at this point. I do not know if asking the Onc abpout Cyberknife would be an option but probably would not hurt any. They may just give you an explanation of why they can not do that.

2_ The wasting part is actually called Cachexia. This is a wasting or deterioration of the muscle Mass. this is why she can not move I think. there really is nothing you can do to reverse that sadly enough. Some would recommend Fish oil capsules but I fear that it may be too late for that to do any good.

3) I do not know what else to say about this except offering My prayers for everyone. I do not know if Hospice has been called in to handle Pain issues caused by all this. That may be the next step in this journey. Right Now the best advice I can give you is to Remember yesterday, Cherish today, and Pray for tomorrow. Make the most of what you can with Mom. these are suggestions and thoughts on what you have posted here and MAybe something will help. Prayers

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She is talking and eating but she doesn't always make sense. She does things that are totally out of character for her and sometimes she sees things that aren't there.

When my husband decided to sign on with Hospice, several others here at LCSC recommended to me a book called "FINAL GIFTS". It was a tremendous help to both myself and my husband as he prepared for his death. I would highly recommend reading this book. It may better prepare you for the path ahead.

All my prayers,

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