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Who will take unused medical equipment/supplies?


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I took Dave's bedside commode that he actually never used to Goodwill. Alot of the stuff no one will take. You can't do a thing with drugs, I tried that when we did infertility treatments - I ended up with alot of expensive drugs I didn't use.

I'd definitely check with hospice first, but you might have to suck it up and just toss some stuff. I felt the same way - wanted someone to be able to use things, but because of "health" reasons alot of personal items aren't donat-able.

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Hospice might be able to accept some of those items. Maybe a nursing home???

Meds and anything unsealed (like a box of bulk gauze pads) usually won't be accepted. Health concerns and liability, ya know.

The ACS or Gilda's Club would probably be able to take the wigs. They both have programs to help out patients, or at least I think they both do. Mom got her first wig from Gilda's Club for free or a nominal cost.

Ask around at your church. Someone may be able to use something you have.

Bless your heart, Lori, for thinking of others at his time!


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