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South Jersey Folks?


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Hiya Jersey folks!

Depending on time and place, I'd love to meet you all. I'm in Old Bridge (southern Middlesex County).

For me, a weekend would probably be best. I'm sure my hubby would like it, especially if we could hit AC too. :wink:

Next weekend is out since I have chemo Thursday, and I'm wiped for four days.

Let me know here or privately. And, don't hesitate to get together yourselves -- don't wait for me! I've had very good experiences meeting people face-to-face who I first *met* online. As a matter of fact, hubby answered my online personal ad! He lived a whole mile from me.

All the best,


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I just wanted to let youse guys know that there is a fellow jerseyite online here. I don't live there anymore, but was born in Camden as well as my mom and dad, sister was born in Mount Holly, and I spent a few of my childhood years up til the 8th grade in Marlton. My grandmother still lives in Marlton. It amazes me how much it has grown through the years. I return for visits often as I still have lots of family in the south jersey area. I know it really doesn't have anything to do with your posts but just wanted to say how small a world it is. Take care all. :roll:

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and he lives off of Tpke 8. Just dx, so I'm not sure he is ready yet to meet others, or my mom yet too. But I'd love to keep it in mind for the future. And Barbara L ... I live right near you, in Marlboro. Pass you every day on my way home from work. If there is something I can do for you, please let me know (also I sent another post to you on your post .. looking good .. would like to talk w/ you about onc.). I'm just startiing w/ my folks in this journey ...


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Hello Bobmc,

I am from Hopatcong N.J. and could not help but write a little note.

Hope all is well with you. My dad was also from N.J. we just lost him in June 2003 to stage lV lung cancer. The lung cancer shrunk 50% but in the end it was the brain and bone cancer that got him. He will be missed by friends and family :(

take care


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Looks like lots of interest! We need to come up with a common ground between New York and Delaware!

If anyone wants to PM me, feel free. I am going on vacation (Las Vegas, baby!) tomorrow through next Wednesday but would like to get something organized pretty soon. It would be nice to meet in person!

Prayers to all,


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