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Question re Tarceva


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My husband, Jim, did not respond to first, second, or third line chemotherapy & radiation. (He had minimal response to first line chemo of carboplatin / taxol). He is on his final option for treatment...which is TARCEVA. Thank God, he DID have some response to it...has stabalized his tumors (lung & mets to left hip). How long can the Tarceva work? Anybody been on this board been on it for awhile?

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WE have mebers who have been on Tarceva since its arrival on the scene to the public. Has had good success and Bad but go with good. every day is a good day that you are alive living with this disease.

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I am the only one that I know of that was given Tarceva 100mg from the beginning along with Carboplatin and Taxol. This is not the recommended way to use it, but I am glad we did I started treatment in August 2005 and three months later I was cancer free. I asked my oncologist what he thought did the trick and he said “Carboplatin, Taxol, Tarceva or Divine Intervention. I go along with the later. I never had a sick day with any of the drugs. I think Tarceva is a great drug, but it is used differently by different doctors. Dosage and time to start using it vary. I think Tarceva offers a lot of hope for a lot of us. My oncologist believes that it was wise to get them all at once if you can handle it, because some could be killed off by Taxol and others could be killed off by the Tarceva, so his attitude is lets get them all the first time if we can. Let us know if there is any trouble with side effects, a lot of us have some tips.

Stay positive,


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