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Almost there...many thanks


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Well tomorrow is the big day - the walk in Boston and all of the satellite walks will happen around the U.S.. Even my MIL is going to do a little walk at her assisted living facility in Nashville. I can just see all these walkers with walkers. :lol: I wonder if our liability insurance will cover a broken hip.

I was hoping when we started all this that we would be able to make a great deal of money for research. As the contributions started to come in I began to hope we'd hit $100,000--and I think we're going to- maybe even tonight! I hope it helps some smart researcher somewhere put us on the road to a cure.

Thank you so much to everyone that helped- it means so much to our committee. If you haven't seen the total-- check it out. The top five teams are awesome-- team JAS btw is Tracy's team. Here's the link:

https://secure.campagne-online.com/regi ... Pref=en-CA


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I also want to thank everyone who got involved with our walk. Far to many names to mention in fear of forgetting anyone. This was a TEAM effort from the get go by everyone. It made my job so much easier being the Event Coordinator and for me not only being able to do this walk but while battling Stage IV is frosting on the cake along my journey.

Again thank you everyone and take care!


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A little boy at the walk (he was six and a HALF) gave my friend his ziplock baggie with all his worldly goods in it.

He had emptied his piggy bank and gotten himself $30 in sponsorships and gave it all over including the pennies and the token.

What a future that little boy has.


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