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Update on mom


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Just came back from another weekend with mom. She is healing from the surgery, sleeping alot - naps and through the night, and puttering around the house. Appetite is returning - she has reduced her pain meds due to the nausea and is doing well. Still hasn't been outside, except to go to the surgeon earlier this week. He said her lungs look great. She isn't anywhere near strong enough (physically or emotionally) to consider an oncology consult yet - I guess I should just follow her lead and listen. Either she'll be ready to consider it or not, and I shouldn't push it, but I can't help but want her to get the treatment that will ensure her the best outcome. In the meantime, my independent mom has been allowing me to help her and it's great to be able to.

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Glad to hear that your mom is recovering nicely from surgery. I know how you feel though about 'losing time', as it often seems that things/doctors, etc. move at a snail's pace when it comes to treating our loved ones or ourselves. And it drives me nuts when they say "a few weeks won't make a difference". UGH!

Hang in there though - sounds like your mom is progressing nicely!

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