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Looks like we made it


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Hey guys, just wanted to let you all know that Daddy and the whole family made the 5hour trip to upstate New York to visit with Daddys brother (whom he has not seen in many, many years-and whom I have not seen in about 30 years). It was a truly amazing visit, alot of tears, alot of laughter-all the stuff that wonderful memories are made of. I got to meet my cousins for the first time and saw my Godfather (another cousin that I havn't seen since I was 6 years old-but whom I did remember) and met my cousins and their spouses and children...it was SOOOO great!!! :D:D:D What a bunch of wonderful people.

My uncle and his oldest son surprised us at the motel soon after we called to tell them that we made it ok (Dad wanted to rest a bit before we went to Uncle Coppy's house)...when he and Dad saw eachother they hugged and cried- :cry::) it was beautiful. Dad felt great, we were at the house until about midnight, we heard alot of funny stories about Daddy as a kid in the Bronx-what a real juvenial delinquent he was!! :lol: On the way home on Sunday (Mom and Dad drove with my husband and our kids so that Dad could sit comfortably in the front passenger seat of the mini-van) Dad kept reminicing about old times, and Dad said that his back is feeling better (the radiation is doing its thing-Thank you God) that he would feel "like a million bucks" if it weren't for the back pain, and that he wants to start (little by little) taking his walks around Belmont Lake again, with my Mom of course. He's eating more, has a decent apetite, and his spirit is soaring. My cousins are going to let us know when they can make the trip here to Long Island-we don't want to wait any longer than we have to. Uncle Coppy is recovering from hip replacement surgery, and is on the mend, slow, but mending. Road trips are hard right now.

One of my cousins said that he's afraid this will be the last time his dad and my dad get to see eachother...I am too, but I am also SOOOO GRATEFUL that we got to make the trip and have such a wonderful visit. My other cousin, he's 18, started crying SO HARD when my dad said goodbye to him, he grabbed my dad and then my uncle and said to me, "can you please take a picture of the three of us" and he's crying so hard and all red, he was so sweet... and I'm like "Somebody get me a camera! (trying sooo hard not to cry myself)." Then each of us took an individual picture standing between my dad and my uncle. We also got a group picture (there were about 30 of us-not an easy task-but we did it!.

Anyway, we had a great visit and today Daddy went to the onc. today and Dr.L told him that he wants Dad to get out a bit and get his mind to thinking well, because being stuck inside affects your mind (you get depressed) and that dosn't help fight the cancer cells. He said that if he feels pain, he should take the pain killers, they will help until the radiation takes its full effect, and that they will make him feel more able to get up and about. After the visit, mom and dad went to dunkin donuts and sat and had coffee and donuts!

Anyway, thank you all for all of your prayer and kind and encouraging words. Right now we've hit a smooth patch, and I am enjoying it to the fullest-that way, there are no regrets when we get to another ditch in the road-and we'll, hopefully, have the energy to deal with whatever lies ahead....but, inside I keep thinking that I really hope this smooth patch lasts a while...just want to make as many happy memories as possible.

Sorry for the long post. I havn't been around much, but you are all ALWAYS in my thoughts and prayers!!! Love ya, and take care, Deb

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I was wondering if you guys had made it upstate to the reunion!! I am SO glad that you did!!!

Whenever you post, you bring me a little bit of home. Dunkin Donuts..Belmont Park.. you make me homesick, just reading it!!

I am thrilled that you had a good trip and that your dad is doing well!! :)


47 years old

Stage 1a-nsclc

Surgery June 16, 2003 - upper & mid lobe removed

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I'm so glad that you all made the trip and it turned out so wonderfully for everyone!!! Great news! I know what you mean about those smooth patches. Do enjoy them to the fullest and who knows --- maybe they'll last a long time.

Thanks for sharing with us that memorable time. I'm so happy for both you and your Dad.

Take care and may your Dad enjoy the uphill on the roller coaster for a long time!!!


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I'm glad you all made it to the reunion, and that you all now have these wonderful memories to draw upon. It's the whole point of living....loving one another and being good to and for each other.

Hope the radiation kicks in soon and your Dad has no more back pain.

Best Wishes,

Fay A.

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Hey guys, thanks for all the well-wishes. Dad just called me to see when we can go back upstate for another visit, he is all GUNG HO and I am so happy to hear him actually excited about something. Although we are scheduled to go to Disney on Oct. 24th-I told Daddy that we will go whenever he wants to, he figured we'd rather wait until after the trip- but I don't want to have any regrets for putting it off. I told him to let me know and we can go at any time-as long as we can board Farley (our dog).

He had his last round of radiation yesterday, he is VERY TIRED, but believing more that the exaustion is due to the radiation after the Dr. gave him a firm talking to and some literature. Dad was getting a bit discouraged and thinking he was just sicker. But now that he knows that the effects of the chemo and radiation are pretty much guaranteed to cause extreme fatigue, he is more upbeat.

So, hopefully we make it again real soon. And hopfully Daddy has a break for a little bit in terms of something else springing up.

Thank you, again, for all the encouragement. Take care, guys. Deb

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Deb, just read your post and am so happy for you and all your family. I had to take my glasses off at different points and wipe away the happy tears. The 18yr old really got me...

Hope your parents can have some joy each day as Buddy and I try. On good days we go out if only for a ride and on bad days they pass in 24 hours hopefully...

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