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According to the Doctor, a cancer patient in my dad's stage is already in a wheelchair. My dad is not, but now because the dr. has said this, I keep thinking the time is near for my dad. He just had a CAT scan of his lungs and one of his neck on Wednesday, and next Wednesday we meet with the Dr. to go over the results. I feel like I need to be equipped with some questions for the Dr. but at this point I'm not sure what to ask. I'm not sure if anyone has any advise, and I honestly think I'm venting at this point because I am very upset. Thanks for listening.

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My late wife never used a wheel chair in almost 3 years and 6 different rounds of chemo. Went into hospital and was able to walk on her own prior. Everyone's Body is different.

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Why would he do that? Most likely the person was in a wheelchair because the tumor was on their spine or something. What a putz (sorry but really, what a putz). Your dad's profile is similar to many people on here that are doing well with treatment. I hope he handles the Alimta well-- that is a tough chemo for many. Good luck.

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I'll just apologize in advance because I'm kinda' having a bad week myself and I may sound ventie myself right now......that said:

I echo most of what KatieB had to say (and Ry), in a nutshell. My mom had the same dx and at the same stage your dad is, and though we used the wheelchair a bunch, my mom could get around just fine on her own through our journey with this with some consistent assistance (like an arm for support), she just got fatigued easily so we used it out of convenience (plus was nice to harness mom's O2 to the chair rather than cart it around differently). I read your treatment history too and 50% reduction from treatment is really good progress.

This journey is highly individual and we have much contradictory evidence here to say he doesn't need to be in a wheelchair by some default assumption. Perhaps KatieB is right: maybe s/he meant that as a compliment (?).

Don't get discouraged or be alarmed. I don't have experience with Alimta, but keep us posted and vent anytime....we're here, always.


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