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The loss of my Grandmother


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My grandmother passed away 6 years ago yesterday. She did not pass from lung cancer but from ALS. However she was a huge influance inmy life. I never had a chance to grieve her loss because I was hospialized when she died and was reliesed the day of her funeral and was heavely medicated. After that I lost touch with any conection with that part of the family. Just recently I got back in touch with an aunt who is so much like my grandmother in so many ways it is scary so last night when I could not sleep I wrote this poem in her hounor.

It Was You

It was you, who stood me against the wall with a ruler,

At my back for hours and said I would thank you later.

And I do.

It was you, who told me never to drink anything with dinner,

Because it would make me eat more.

Even though come to find out you just didn't want us to

Spill on your hard wood floors.

You were the one, who taught me 3 things about work,

Always be at least 15 min early, if it is worth doing,

Do it right the first time, and always own up to your mistakes.

All these years I took you for granted, thinking you

Would always be there.

Now that you have been gone for a while I find myself

Kind of lost and confused as to where all that time went.

A lot of those memories are fading away.

I have photos and

Few things that were yours that I will cherish,

But it is not the same.

I lost me grandma and I never got to say goodbye........

Danica Corey

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Thank you everyone,

She was a very special person. I lived with her off and on through out my childhood when my parents could not take care of me (I was sick alot and my parents could not always afford my care). Then I lived with her agian for a year before I got married. I am hoping to convince my aunt is going to take me to her and my grandfathers grave sites here is a few weeks.

I am glad you liked my poem :) It felt good to share.


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