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magic mouthwash/name please


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Joel started his 2nd chemo treatment yesterday. Keep fingers cross it will not be like the last one. He has to get his neulasta shot today but they are only giving him 1/2 strength so hopefully he will not have the same effect as last month.

Anyway, his mouth is becoming sensitive and this chemo can give mouth sores.

I remember in past posts there was this magic mouthwash that people said works.

Please provide the name of this? I just want to have it in case we need need.


Maryanne :wink:

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Hi there,

It was prescribed for my father and a specific combination of medications. We were told it is done this way since each person is different and needs more of one medication etc than another may need. There is no name .......... and it's only available buy perscription.


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Okay, magic mouthwash it is, thanks.

I also got a name for a perscription. Debbi was nice enough to check it out as she used it for her husband. This particular one is a perscription.

Just in case anyone is interested:


It was perscibed for 1-2 Teaspoons by mouth every 2-4 hours. Swish and swallow

Thanks Debbi, I hope I will not need it.

Maryanne :wink:

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