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New info on dad.

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Well, I am assuming that the cancer is now stage IV, as it has spread to his other lung, and lymph nodes on the opposite side of the original tumor. Please someone correct me if I am wrong. He is in quite a bit of pain, and has trouble breathing. He started Tarceva yesterday. His radiation is complete, however for some reason, they didn't do scans to see if it helped. From what his girlfriend told me, it was just to help his quality of life. I got to see him at Thanksgiving. His skin looks yellowed to me. Is that normal? He hasn't lost tons of weight, so that is good. What are the side effects of Tarceva? Thanks everyone for all the wonderful information I am able to find on here. I appreciate you all. Hopefully one day, I will be able to add to the discussions and not just merely ask questions.

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Hey Amy, I hate that your dad is going thru this right now...I am sending you hugs and praying for dad to be in less pain...

My mom was on Tarceva for 2 years and it was great at the beginning. The only bad side-effect she had was a bad rash and loss of appetite-but it did shrink her tumors considerably and actually killed the new cancer in her 'good' lung which was awesome. They used Tarceva when the other treatment options were no longer options for my mom, not sure if that is the case with your dad too but it sounds like his illness is progressed like my moms.

When her tumors showed actvity again they doubled her does which was AWFUL-she had major side-effects from this and once she reported them they stopped giving it to her altogether.

Not sure if that helps-I hope your dad does well with this...

Bright Blessings-


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Radiation does make you very tired. The results should be felt quickly as far as pain relief, but the effects continue for over a year.

I have also just started Tarceva and was warned of rash and diahrea. Bothe are usually treated without much difficulty. I was told to call if I have any strt of a rash and my onc is seeing me again after my first twpo weeks.

Good luck to your Dad.


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The rash (that is nothing like a rash-- looks more like horrible acne), and diarrhea are the main side effects. Another is bleeding-- especially if the person is on a blood thinner. John was taking a small amount of coumadin for his port and the tarceva also acted as an additional blood thinner and he started coughing up blood. Once he stopped the coumadin he was fine.

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Hi Amy,

I am sorry for your dads decline. I hope that is just temporary and he recovers for the better.

I don't know about Tarceva and I pray it works for him.

I just want you to know that I am thinking about you and as you know we are here for you.


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