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Update on my Sister, Jeannine

Marco Jo

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Hi Everyone,

Jeannine has been lurking about, but has yet to introduce herself. Maybe soon. She has been doing wonderfully for the past few months- she has responded very well to chemo- 8 rounds! They were going to start PCI. However, she came to visit me in NYC for Thanksgiving and started to feel under the weather. We drove back home to Syracuse-she was dizzy, headachy, nauseaus, forgetful, w/pain in her side...We stuck it out at home for a couple of days, but ended up in the ER. She was admitted for three days. Low sodium, UTI,a bit of pericardial effusion and some tiny spots on her brain.

They cleared up a lot of this in the hospital. She is in the middle of WBR, sodium is good, watching the effusion. Pain in her side is still mysteriously present- scans are clear. Has anyone else had these unidentifiable pains? She is taking morphine, but hoping to get off of it soon, so her head will be clearer.

She is fighting like hell.The Docs don't want her driving right now for risk of seizures- that is really hard. She is so blessed though to be surrounded by incredible friends who never stop giving and supporting. And her medical team has been so thorough and supportive as well.

As for me...I am 4 months pregnant!

Happy Holidays for All-

Marco Jo

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Marco Jo,

First of all congrats on the baby. That is wonderful!

I'm sorry to hear that your sister had a bit of a back slide, but it passes. I take morphine sulfate daily - 30 MG twice a day. I am not even slightly spacy and have no restrictions on driving or anything. I've been on the same dosage since I was first diagnosed in April 2005.

As far as side pains - I suffered from this. I thought it was my rib. It turned out to be my spine and radiation eliminated the pain. The problem was that they had to do a second spine MRI at a cut that showed the problem.

Let me know what the tollis on the WBR. I'm interested in both the ordeal of the procedure and the after effects. It's something I may need to do shortly.

I hope your sister feels better.


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