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Quick note about cookbook shipping


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Hi everyone,

Today is Dec 11. Typically books are shipped media mail, which can take from 3-14 days depending where you live.

Since holidays are approaching, if you place an order that you need as a holiday gift, please PM or e-mail me at andreascheff@adelphia.net so we can figure price and do priority mail shipping to ensure arrival.

Of course I think these books should be given all year round, not just holiday time ;)

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Andrea...I just couldn't wait until Christmas to give these to my two DIL's and friends. When I thought of all the wonderful dishes that could be prepared during the holidays, I decided not to wait.

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The horse must be struggling under the weight of the books Andrea. :shock:

MAybe The horse met a misses horse :lol:

Maybe he broke his little horsey leg? :cry:

I am still waiting but anticipating daily arrival. Did Santa Get Mine and Going to bring Them :oops: Can't wait, the suspense is killing me :mrgreen:

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I am like you Randy ..... but our weather is warming back up this week. LOL I only really get into cooking when it is cold outside. I think I ordered 5 and if they get here before Christmas then some will become Christmas gifts and if they get here after Christmas then they will just become "because I like you" gifts.

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I like the sale idea, but not for awhile. The sale will be later on if books are left :) To get there in time for Christmas I have to do priority mail now which makes it more expensive.

We are doing ok, I anticipate as of next week, after a couple of checks come in, we will have made $4,500 which was the cost of publishing, so everything after that is strict profits and I want LOTS of strict profit for research ;)

I also have my mother in law to work. She typically sells a lot for me at $20 each ;)

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